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10KM VGA KVM Fiber Extender

///10KM VGA KVM Fiber Extender
10KM VGA KVM Fiber Extender

Project Description

10KM VGA KVM Fiber Extender

Model Number:HD-V10S

Commercial-grade VGA extender over fiber is used to extend the transmission of VGA audio and video signals.This product transmits VGA audio and video signal to 10KM user through the fiber, up to 120KM, equipment supports TCP/IP network protocol,long-distance transmission while support infrared return transmission, independent audio transmission, remote control of signal source (host-KVM, TV box-IR infrared) to ensure the stability of the signal while reducing the cost for the user.The equipment has a long transmission distance, low use cost, convenient installation, good compatibility,and is a stable and efficient transmission mode.

Widely used in military exercise monitoring stations, security systems, prison/wharf/station/mine site monitoring,road monitoring,electronic police monitoring system, highway video monitoring system, pass checkpoints and other projects.


1.Adopt high-speed FPGA, to realize full-digital, uncompressed video transmission;

2.One core of fiber optical transmission LC connector;

3.Transmission distance up to 10 KM (20KM ,40KM ,60KM optional);

4.Support 1 channel forward 2K analog video transmission;

5.Support 1 channel bidirectional independent 3.5 stereo audio transmission;

6.Support 1 channel bidirectional RS 232 serial port data transmission;

7.Support KVM function (keyboard and mouse)

8.Automatic identification of input signals and configuration of various display modes;

9.Built-in automatic equalization, clear and stable screen;

10.Built-in ESD protection circuit can effectively prevent electrostatic damage, prevent lightning;

11.Simple installation, plug and play, no need to set;

Scope of Application:
LCD splicing large screen, LED splicing screen, project projection fusion project, video conference system;
Monitor testing and burn-in Public Video System (Certification Companies, Futures Markets, Financial Documents, etc)
High quality multimedia video conference display (Video Conference), briefing…Municipal command building center, substation control room, steel plant control room, cement plant control room, mine control room, coal mine, cement plant, thermal power station, fine chemical control room, digital machine room management