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16×1 AV Switch,Remote Control

///16×1 AV Switch,Remote Control
16×1 AV Switch,Remote Control

Project Description

16×1 AV Switch with Remote Control,support 1280*720P

Model Number:HD-S1601A

It lets you connect four composite video and stereo audio sources that have yellow-white-red RCA connectors, such as Wii, XBOX, DVD,PS2, Nintendo, etc. Simply use the remote control, you can switch back and 16th between them without un-plugging/re-plugging cables. 


1.16-way AV RCA Audio Video Switcher Selector for XBOX DVD PS2 PS3 Wii Cable Box to TV’s yellow-white-red RCA connectors

2.Mechanical design, support IR Remote Control, and resolution up to 1280*720P

3.Metal enclosure, excellent stability and longevity

4.Easy installation and operation, no extra power supply or software drive needed

5.Support devices with A/V connection, provide clean video and audio


1.High quality component, high isolation, strong anti-interference.

2.Portable size with durable metal shell.

3.Universal compatibility, compatible with all devices with RCA connector, Such as VHS/ DVD/ VCR Player, AV Receiver, Cable Box,STB, PS2/ PS3/ PS4/ XBOX/ Nintendo Original Game Consoles and more.

4.No power or software needed, Plug and Play.

Package Included:

1.RCA Switch * 1

2.User Manual * 1