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1×4 VGA Extender 100m

///1×4 VGA Extender 100m
1×4 VGA Extender 100m

Project Description

1×4 VGA Extender 100m by Single Cat5e/6 Cable

Model Number:HD-V104T-100m

The 4 channel VGA Video & Audio transmitter allowing extension of highresolution VGA video and high-fidelity audio over UTP cable. 4 channel VGA video and audio transmitter receiver need to match, can match with any of the 100m-200m-300m receiver. The transmitter not only work as a 4 channel distribution amplifier, but also provides local video & audio output for local use.


1. Sharpest and clearest VGA quality over CAT5 of any manufacturers.

2. High performance Audio quality over CAT5 of any manufacturers.

3. Supports local and remote VGA monitors and Speaker.

4. Real Time Transmission Video & Audio signals by single CAT5 cable.

5. No TCP/IP protocol and networking setting and maintenance.

6. No Ant firewall needed, no IP and networking occupation.

7. Plug and Play, compatible with all format VGA video signals.

8. Built-in ESD and surge protection.

9. Available with VGA contact and RGB brightness adjustment.

10. Use in-house CAT5/5e/6 phone wiring to locate a monitor remotely.

11. Metal case.

Package Contents:

1x Main Unit (4-Port VGA Sender)

4x VGA Receivers (100M/200M/300M)

5x Power Adapter

1x User Manual