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20KM VGA USB KVM Extender

///20KM VGA USB KVM Extender
20KM VGA USB KVM Extender

Project Description

20KM VGA USB KVM Extender

Model Number: HD-KM20

Product Description:

The 20KM VGA USB KVM Extender could transmission high-definition video long distance through a single cable , while support for USB keyboard and mouse transmission, external independent audio and other functions, can adapt to a variety of complex applications. The device has a superior image processing and transmission capacity, so that the signal transmission more smooth and stable, it is a good solution with a reliable, high-performance, efficient VGA, keyboard and mouse signals to extend the way.


1.Transmit VGA video and audio over long distances through the cable, up to 20KM;

2.The highest resolution HD video signals up to 1080P @ 60Hz;

3.Compliance with VGA standard protocol;

4.Support for external one-way analog stereo audio signal transmission;

5.Support USB keyboard and mouse transmission;

6.It can automatically identify and configure a variety of display modes;

7.Built-in automatic equalization system, the picture is smooth, clear and stable;

8.Built-in ESD Protection Circuit, comprehensive protection system security;

9.Easy to install, plug and play, no need to set;


Parameter Description
Video Signal Type VGA
BW 380MHz
Resolution 1024X768 @ 60fps

1280X720@ 60fps

1280X800@ 60fps

1280X1024@ 60fps

1440×900 @ 60fps

1660×1200 @ 60fps

1680×1050 @ 60fps

1920×1080 @ 60fps

Audio Port 3.5mm Stereo audio socket
Type Stereo
Ethernet port Cable Type Signals Fiber
Max transmission distance FC 20KM
Other Power Adapter:DC 12V/1A
Power dissipation MAX 4W
Temperature Operating:-5℃ ~ +70℃
Humidity Operating:5% ~ 90%
Size 102*96*25mm
Warranty 1 year

Package Included:

1.VGA transmitter                     1pc

2.VGA receiver                           1pc

3.Mini USB cable                      1pcs

4.Power adapter 12V/1A         2pcs

5.User manual                           1pc