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Contact Closure Fiber Converter

///Contact Closure Fiber Converter
Contact Closure Fiber Converter

Project Description

2CH Contact Closure Fiber Converter 10KM

Model Number:HD-C10A

2 channels forward contact closure to fiber optical converter is specially designed for long-distance optical fiber transmission,using independent research and development of non-compression digital photoelectric conversion technology, the use of optical fiber point-to-point transmission contact closure, ethernet, to achieve no delay, high reliability contact closure control,network transmission. A single optical fiber can simultaneously transmit 2 channels of forward contact closure signals.


1.Support 1-core optical fiber transmission of 2 channels forward contact closure;

2.Support for 100M ethernet (optional);

3.Single and multi-mode compatible, multi-mode transmission distance 500M, single mode transmission distance 10KM (standard), the
furthest single mode transmission distance up to 120KM (customized);

4.The equipment adopts photoelectric isolation scheme to ensure the reliability, stability and security;

5.The equipment is in open mode by default (if you need it to be in close mode, please communicate with the sales person);

6.The equipment does not support wet contact (charged) function;

7.Single fiber, dual fiber (optional);

8.Special customization function;

9.Plug and play, no setting required;

10.Devices are used in pair. Please take note that devices are distinguished from transmitter and receiver.