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2CH RCA Audio Fiber Extender

///2CH RCA Audio Fiber Extender
2CH RCA Audio Fiber Extender

Project Description

10KM 2-Channel RCA Audio Over Fiber Tx/Rx Extender Set

Model Number:HD-R10A

Unbalanced analog audio optical transceiver is a single chip stereo analog data fiber optical converter that uses bit-stream converter (ADC) technology. The low power consumption and low voltage requirements make the device ideal for use in low-voltage and low-power portable data and audio devices.

Audio Specification:
1.Full-size output sine wave, 997 Hz; MCLK = 12.288 MHz. Fs basic probability mode = 48 kHz, SCLK = 3.072 MHz,
2.Measurement bandwidth 10hz to 20khz; Fs is high rate mode = 96 kHz,

Multi-format Output Interface:
1.Compatible with I2S bus and MSB format
2.Serial output up to 24 bits

Advanced Audio Configuration:
1.Stereo single – end input configuration
2.High linearity, dynamic range and low distortion

General Functions and Features:
1.Supports 1 to 32 channels of unbalanced analog audio forward/bidirectional transmission
2.Using FPGA, digital coding/decoding and clock recovery technology, high integration and high stability
3.Single and multi-mode compatible, multi-mode transmission distance 1KM, single-mode transmission distance 10KM, customized transmission distance of up to 100KM
4.LED status indicator to monitor the running status of the device
5.Plug and play, no setup required
6.Devices are used in pair. Note that devices are distinguished between transmitter and receiver