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300m KVM VGA PS2 Extender

///300m KVM VGA PS2 Extender
300m KVM VGA PS2 Extender

Project Description

300m KVM VGA PS2 Extender

Model Number: HD-K103TR

Product Description:

Our 300m KVM VGA PS2 Extender over single Cat5e/6 Cable may widely apply in the computer,monitor,security, multimedia teaching systems and so on. It could extend keyboard, mouse and video ports on computer up to 300m.It promotes the function of anti-thunder and antijamming to make sure the security and stability.


1.It can extend the power switch of the computer,keyboard,mouse and video port max of 300m

2.It provides a KVM port on the Sender

3.It can be switched from remote monitor to local monitor or switched from local monitor to remote monitor by the keystroke on the Sender or SCROLL on the local keyboard

4.Use the single cable (CAT5,CAT5E,CAT6), the cost is inexpensive

5.It supports (PS/2 port) keyboard and mouse, it supports (VGA) port monitor

6.It can remove and insert the local and remote keyboard and mouse

7.Power on computer use the emulational keyboard and mouse

8.It supports DOS, Windows, Linux,Unix system

9.It does not need a driver, it is simple to install

10.The remote keyboard and mouse display is in real-time

11.The anti-jamming is strong

12.The anti-lightning and anti-invasion is strong Cascade operation for increasing the distance

13.Index of anti-lightning and anti-invasion:withstand air-discharge 15KV, contiguity-discharge 8KV