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32 Port Digital KVM Switch

///32 Port Digital KVM Switch
32 Port Digital KVM Switch

Project Description

32 Port Digital KVM Switch

Model Number:HD-K32

The Matrix KVM switch is an enterprise-class digital KVM switcher. Provides BIOS-level access, allowing users to access and operate multiple servers. Local to the rack, BIOS-level control and operation can be provided for up to 64 servers and other IT devices through a local keyboard via a set of keyboards, monitors and mice. With integrated remote access, you can control the server at the same level through a web browser.The product has multiple independent remote user access channels, each access channel does not affect each other, and concurrent access performance is excellent. The access delay is small and has a good user experience. The KVM matrix switch can be easily installed through standard UTP (CAT 5/5e/6) cables, greatly reducing the cost of wiring in the equipment room.

1.1U standard rack mounting;

2.Dual power supply redundancy backup, automatic switching when there is a fault;

3.Dual (10/100/1000Mbps) adaptive Ethernet port, automatically switch when fault occurs;

4.Standard UTP (CAT 5/5e/6) cable installation;

5.32 server ports;

6.Support 2/4/8 remote users, 1 local user;

7.Support serial port configuration;

8.Support hardware reset button to restore factory settings;

9.LED indicators such as user access, network connection and power supply;

10.Support CIM module such as USB, PS2, RS232 serial port

Software Features:

1. Local user port using graphical interface (GUI), easy to operate and configure;

2. Support remote firmware upgrade;

3. Optional video and HID data encryption technology;

4. CIM module supports standard mode and absolute mode, and supports absolute mouse synchronization;

5. Can set the operation rights, convenient user account rights management;

6. Support different preemption levels and access sharing mode;

7. Provide system logging;

8. Support various servers and operating systems such as Mac and SUN;

9. Remote access to support a variety of resolution modes, up to 1920×1200@60Hz ;

10. Support virtual media