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3G-SDI Fiber Optic Extender

///3G-SDI Fiber Optic Extender
3G-SDI Fiber Optic Extender

Project Description

3G-SDI Fiber Optic Extender

Model Number:HD-E10SM

1.Comply with DVB-ASI, SMPTE424M, SMPTE292M, and SMPTE259M (C) standards;
2.Use full digital processing technology, clear image, no color phase difference;
3.With APC circuit, constant output optical power, large dynamic range;
4.The input has a cable balance to compensate for the loss of cable transmission;
5.With the output clock recovery reduction signal jitter circuit, it can handle the distortion signal very well;
6.Input/output cable transmission distance of up to 80m (BELDEN8281 cable);
7.Industrial grade design, modular design makes the equipment reliable and flexible;
8.Single multi-mode compatibility, no relay distance of up to 10 kilometers;
9.Support for pathological signal: PLL signal; to detect the locked state of the SDI phase-locked loop.Ensure that the phase-lock ring of the optical terminal can work normally without locking in any scene; Equalizer signal; it will truly reflect the design state of the equalizer.Effectively balance and process the coaxial cable signals of different distances within a certain range to ensure the integrity of the signals; SDI Matrix signal; synthesize the above two signals.No matter day or night, the images generated by any scene can ensure the effective transmission;
10.Devices are used in pair. note that devices are distinguished between transmitter and receive;
Fiber parameter
3G bps
Transmitter power
Receiver sensitivity
Fiber connector
Video parameter
Signal type
Work standards
Bit rates
270 Mbps、 1. 485 Gbps、 2. 97Gbps
Video input/output
Signal type
1 channel DVB-ASI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI digital video
Input impedance
75 Ohm
Enter the automatic cable equalization
>80m (1. 485 Gbps@BELDEN8281 cable)
Clock recovery
When 270 Mbps, 1. 485 Gbps, and 2. 97Gbps are automatic, the others are bypass
Input level
Enter the echo loss
>10dB @ 2. 97 Gbps
Output DC offset
<±0. 5V
Output echo loss
>10dB @ 2. 97 Gbps
The biggest shake
<0. 1UI(1485Mbps)
Signal overshoot
<5% (1485Mbps)
Equipment information
The shell metal
Aluminium alloy
Way to install
Direct plug-in
Product size
Product net weight (unit: pair)
Product weight (including the outer packaging)
Packing size
Input voltage
100VAC~242VAC, 50-60Hz
Power supply
Power dissipation
Overload protection
Over current protection
Other parameter
Operating temperature
-20°C ~75°C
Storage temperature
-40°C ~85°C
Relative humidity
From 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
Working life
> 100,000 hours