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3×3 HDMI Video Wall Controller

///3×3 HDMI Video Wall Controller
3×3 HDMI Video Wall Controller

Project Description

3×3 HDMI Video Wall Controller

Model Number:HD0303

Product Description:

The 3×3 video wall controller , support 1-way HDMI input and 9 HDMI output, the main function is to divide a complete HDMI,HD image signal into 9 blocks and assign to 9 video display unit (such as Rear projection unit, LCD TV, etc.), Complete with 9 HDMI high-definition video display units to form a large dynamic image screen.


1.Support 1 HDMI input

2.Support input HDMI1.3

3.Support 9 HDMI outputs

4.Support input 1920x1080P,24/30/50/60HZ,and lower resolution

5.Support output resolution 1920x1080P

6.Support multiple splicing modes, easy to operate, plug and play

Package includes:

1. 3X3 video wall controller  x1

2. Power adapter          x1

3. User Manual            x1