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4-Port Serial Device Server

//4-Port Serial Device Server
4-Port Serial Device Server

Project Description

4-Port Serial Device Server

Model Number:HD-S04S

This Network Serial Port Expander, with 4 extended input and output serial ports, can communicate with the programmable central control system or PC to control multiple devices, and perform protocol conversion between various devices with different communication modes. Built-in various input communication interfaces, the expander can communicate with the programmable central control host or PC through RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and Network communication interface. The front panel of the expander is designed with LED indicators for power supply, main & extended serial ports sending/receiving data, which can conveniently and quickly indicate the progress of data communication and equipment power failure.

1.Main serial ports support RS-232, RS-422 full duplex, and RS-485 half duplex; extended serial port 1 and extended serial port 2 support RS-232,
RS-232+ hardware flow control, RS-422 full duplex, and RS-485 half duplex; extended serial port 3 and extended serial port 4 support RS-232
and RS-232+ hardware flow control
2.Extended serial ports support any baud rate (2400, 4800, 9600, 14400,19200, 38400, 5600, 57600, 115200) to communicate with devices
3.Extended serial ports support data bits (7, 8 bits), parity bits (odd, even,none), stop bits (1, 2 bits) settings
4.Large buffering space for data transmitting and receiving is reserved for each serial port; data queue is supported
5.Each frame of data can support up to 512 bytes
6.Support data pass-through from an extended serial port to TCP/IP or UDP network
7.Can be used as a protocol converter for serial communication and network communication; 2 network communication modes are provided: a. TCP acts as a server, and the extender listens for TCP connection requests on the specified TCP port;b. UDP acts as a server, and the extender listens for UDP connection requests on the specified UDP port.
8,Provide one 100M Ethernet communication interface, one RS-232 and one RS – 485 interface, which can be connected to computer or central control system, compatible with all third-party central control systems such as AMX, CRESTRON, RTI, etc.
9.Main communication serial ports support changing the communication baud rate to adapt to any baud rate (2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200,38400, 5600, 57600, 115200)
10.Support 4 low-voltage relay ports, normally open contacts; each group is independent and isolated, maximum to 1A 24V DC/AC loading
11.Built-in Web server, which can configure device parameters directly through the browser of various computers, tablets and mobile devices
12.Support name or remark device name

Package Contents:
1.1 ⅹ Network Serial Port Expander
2.2 ⅹ 5-pin Phoenix Connector (3.81mm, male)
3.2 ⅹ 7-pin Phoenix Connector (3.81mm, male)
4.1 ⅹ 8-pin Phoenix Connector (3.81mm, male)
5.2 ⅹ 9-pin Phoenix Connector (3.81mm, male)
6.4 ⅹ Machine Screw
7.2 ⅹ Mounting Ear
8.1 ⅹ 24V/1A Power Adaptor with 2-pin 3.5mm Phoenix Connector
9.1 ⅹ User Manual