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4-Way AV Switcher

4-Way AV Switcher

Project Description

4-Way AV Switcher

Model Number:HD-S0401A


1.Connect up to 4 AV devices to 1 AV display

2.Video: Input level resistance: VS 0.8-1.0Vp-p/75O, Output level resistance: VS 0.8-1.4Vp-p/75O

3.Support: 50Hz-5.5MHz, Input connector: 4x1RCA socket (Yellow), Output Connector:1x1RCA Socket (Yellow)

4.Audio: Input level resistance: 2V(RMS)/47KO, Output level resistance: 2V(RMS)/1KO ,Support: 10Hz-20KHz 0dB

5.Input connector: 4x2RCA Sockets (Left+Right Red+White), Output connector:1x2RCA Sockets (Left+Right Red+White),



1.All RCA ports are located on the backside. So, you can keep the wire mess hidden behind the device.

2.4 On/Off push buttons are located on the front panel to make it simple to manually switch between video sources.

3.Sophisticated Black brushed Aluminium Look. Portable metal shell.

4.Half Size of other Mini-type Stereo component switchers saves space in your home theater setup.

5.Durable component, high isolation, strong anti-interference, and advanced circuit techniques design.

6.Huge Compatibility, Ideal for VHS/ DVD/ VCR Player, AV Receiver, Cable Box, STB, PS2/ PS3/ PS4/ XBOX/ Nintendo Original Game Consoles and more.

7.No additional power and software needed, Plug and Play.