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4K 2×1 DVI USB KVM Switch

///4K 2×1 DVI USB KVM Switch
4K 2×1 DVI USB KVM Switch

Project Description

4K 2×1 DVI USB KVM Switch

Model Number:HD-K0201DA


1.Automatically adapt to EDID/HDCP decryption, can adapt to a variety of complex application environments;

2.Freely switch between two high-definition video source USB ports;

3.The resolution of HD video signal can reach up to 3840 x 2160@30Hz;

4.Support physical button and external desktop switch switch

5.Can automatically identify and configure various display modes;

6.Built-in automatic equalization system, the picture is smooth, clear and stable;

7.Built-in ESD electrostatic protection circuit to protect the safety of the system in all directions;

8.Installation is simple and convenient, plug and play, no need to set


1.Resolution: 4K/30Hz

2.Chip: TS3DV642A0RUAR, FE1.1S

3.Switching : key switch, desktop switch switch

4.Colour:black gray

5.Material:Iron shell

6.Size:90 x 68 x 27mm

Package Contents:

1 x KVM Switch

2 x 1.5M USB cable

1x Use Manual