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4K 300m HDMI Extender by Fiber

///4K 300m HDMI Extender by Fiber
4K 300m HDMI Extender by Fiber

Project Description

4K 300m HDMI 1.4 Extender Over Single Optic Fiber Cable


Mini HDMI fiber optic extender. HDMI1.4 version. Transmit HDMI signal up to 300m over OM3 multimode dual core fiber optic cable, resolution up to 4Kx2K. Support 3D. Support EDID pass-through.

1.HDMI1.4 version, HDCP 2.0 compatible.
2.Support HDMI resolution up 4Kx2K@30Hz.
3.Transmits HDMI video and audio signals up to 300m over OM3 multimode dual core fiber optic cable.
4.Support EDID pass-through.
5.Support 3D.
6.Built-in ESD protection system.
7.Simple to install, plug and play.
8.HDMI 1.4a Support
9.HDCP Support
10.DDC CEC HPD Signal Support
11.Supports up to 300m Transmission Distance at up to 10.3Gbps over OM3
12.Multimode Fiber
13.Supports All Modes up to 4Kx2K@30hzResolution
14.Standard HDMI Connector
15.Integrated USB Connector for Power
16.Double Power Supply (HDMI 5V&USB)
18.EMI/RFI Resistant
19.850nm VCSEL and PIN Photodetector
20.2-Wire Interface
21.Typical Power Dissipation 1420 mW
22.(Source), 1220 mW (Sink)

HDMI version:HDCP versionHDMI 1.4, HDCP2.0
Maximum pixel clock:165MHz
Maximum data rate:10.2Gbps
Resolution range:Up to 4K*2K@30Hz
Connector:Female HDMI type A

2.Optical fiber:
Fiber type:OM3 multimode duplex
Wavelength:850 nm
Interface bandwidth:10Gbps
Transmission distance:Dual core OM3 fiber: up to 300M

Power supply:Powered by USB cable
Power dissipation:MAX 1.5W
Temperature Operating: 0ºC ~ +70ºC
Humidity Operating: 5% ~ 90%
The warranty:1 year free warranty

Packing list:
1.HDMI optical fiber transmitter ……. 1 pc
2.HDMI optical fiber receiver ………. 1 pc
3.USB power cable ……..2 pcs
4.User manual ……………………1pc

1.Connect an USB cable between transmitter and video source, connect another USB cable between receiver and display device.
2.Connect an HDMI cable between the HDMI input port of transmitter and the HDMI output port of the video source.
3.Connect the HDMI output port of receiver to the display device with HDMI cable.
4.Connect the transmitter optical port to the receiver optical port using one OM3 fiber optic cable.