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4K Art Video Wall Controller

///4K Art Video Wall Controller
4K Art Video Wall Controller

Project Description

4K USB3.0 Art Video Wall Controller

Model Number:HR-V01AT

This 4K Art Video Wall Controller can push the video from the USB3.0 port to multiple displays to complete the splicing of the entire video.The resolution of the USB3.0 port input can up to 4K, and the high-definition output to the monitor. Mainly suitable for teaching, restaurants,stations and other places with video display.


1.Support USB3.0;

2.Support the highest input resolution 4K,HD HDMI port output;

3.Support arbitrary splicing;

4.Automatically calculate the best resolution to the monitor;

5.Images are perfectly stitched without stretching;

6.Only support Win10 system 64 bit;

7.Support screen rotation 90°;

8.No external power supply is required.


USB version
USB 3.0
Input resolution
the highest support 3840×2160
Output resolution
the highest support 3840×2160
Input cable length
≤1.5M USB 3.0 standard cable
Output cable length
≤15M,AWG26 HDMI standard cable
Max working current
Operating temperature range
(-10℃~ +45℃)
Dimension (L x W x H) 100x56x19(mm)
Weight 80g

The Package includes: 

1. 4K Art Video Wall Controller      1PCS

2. USB 3.0 male cable                   1PCS

3. Micro USB cable                        1PCS

4. User manual                              1PCS