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4×4 SDI Matrix

//4×4 SDI Matrix
4×4 SDI Matrix

Project Description

4×4 SDI Matrix

Model Number:HD-ST0404

It is a SDI 4×4 matrix,which can convert SDI signal from 4 ports to any other 4 independent output ports.It support Full-HD SDI signal input and output,and it also very easy to be use with high stability and reliability.It is widely used at all the TV station and other work place,safe security monitoring,training venue and so on.


1 Broadcast SDI 4 input and 4 output matrix switcher

2 Adopt signal long-distance transmission distortion compensation technology to support 300 meters transmission

3 SDI standard: compatible with SMPTE424M, SMPTE292M, SMPRE259M-C

4 SDI signal format: SD-SDI HD-SDI 3G-SDI

5 Support SDI rate: 143-2970MB/S

6 With power-off live memory function

7 Support three switching modes: RS232, panel, infrared remote control switching