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50m HDMI Extender POE,IR

///50m HDMI Extender POE,IR
50m HDMI Extender POE,IR

Project Description

50m HDMI Extender POE,IR

Model Number: HD-E50

Product Description:

The HDMI Extender over Single Cat5e/6 with IR extends high definition video and audio signals and IR, at a distance of up to 164ft/50m over a single Cat5e/6 cable.  Features EDID management, which allows and encourages source and display “handshake” for seamless integration.  With only one cost effective Cat5e/6 cable, high definition sources with HDMI outputs can be connected to high definition displays with HDMI inputs over long distances.  Deep color video, DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD audio is supported and compatible with the extender.  In addition, the extender is also equipped with bi-directional IR pass-through which allows for source or display control.

The extender includes two units: transmitting unit  and receiving unit.  The transmitting unit is used to capture the HDMI input with IR signals and carries the signals via one cost effective Cat5e/6 cable.  The receiving unit is responsible for equalizing the transmitted HDMI signal and reconstructing IR control signals.  The extender offers the most convenient solution for HDMI extension over a single Cat5e/6 with long distance capability, and is the perfect solution for any application.


1.Allows HDMI Audio/Video and IR signals to be transmitted over a single Cat5e/6 cable.

2.Support copy EDID from receiver display or loop out display.

3.Allows for cascading via additional HDMI loop out port.

4.Support Power over cable fuction.

5.Transmission Range: Extends 1080p resolution up to 164ft/50m over a single Cat5e or Cat6 cable.

6.Works with HDMI and HDCP compliant devices.

7.Supports up to 1080p High Definition resolution.

8.Compact design for an easy and flexible installation.


1.Video Bandwidth:  Single-link 165Mhz [ 4.95Gbps]

2.Video Support:  480i/480p/720p/1080i/1080p @60

3.Audio Support:  Surround Sound (up to 7.1 ch) or stereo digital audio

4.Transmission Range:  HD [1080p 24-bit color] – up to 50m [164ft]

5.Input TMDS Signal:  3.3 volts

6.Input DDC Signal:  5.0 volts/P-P

7.ESD Protection:  Human Body model:   +/- 8 kV (air-gap discharge),+/- 4 kV (contact discharge)

8.HDMI connector:  Type A 19 pin female

9.RJ-45 connector:  WE/SS 8P8C

10.3.5mm connector:  (TX and RX) IR Receiver/IR Blaster

11.Power Supply:  (1) 5V1A DC

12.Power consumption:  1.5 watts (TX); 1.0 watts (RX)

Package Contents: 

1.HDMI Transmitter        1pc

2.HDMI Receiver             1pc

3.Windband IR Tx cable   1pc

4.Windband IR Rx cable  1pc

5.5V1A DC Power Supply Adaptor   1 pc

6.Product Manual            1pc