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8×1 USB Synchronous Controller

///8×1 USB Synchronous Controller
8×1 USB Synchronous Controller

Project Description

8×1 USB Synchronous Controller,8 Port USB Keyboard Synchronous Controller

Model Number:HR-U0801

This 8×1 USB Synchronous Controller can be used to control 8 terminals connected to the PC ports, by mouse and keyboard with USB port. For example, 1 set of mouse and keyboard can control 8 computers simultaneously or respectively. It is suitable for playing games, teaching and KVM extenders.


1.Supports wireless keyboard and mouse

2.Supports most games/multimedia keyboard and multimedia mouse

3.Supports unlimited cascade function

4.Supports synchronization function

5.Supports mouse pass screen automatically with virtual switch

6.Supports keyboard repeated function

7.Supports for iphone operation (need to connect connector converter such as: Lightning to USB)

8.Supports systems such as Windows, Linux, MAC OS and Android, etc.

9.Supports standard USB 2.0 A male to B male cable

10.Plug and play, no need to install any driving program

11.Using PC port power, no need for extra power adapter

Package Accessories:

1.4×1 USB KVM Synchronous Controller   1PCS

2.IR remote control  1PCS

3.IR_RX cable   1PCS

4.USB 1.1  A male to B male cable  4PCS

5.User manual   1CPS