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8×8 Hybrid Matrix Switch

//8×8 Hybrid Matrix Switch
8×8 Hybrid Matrix Switch

Project Description

8×8 Hybrid Matrix Switch

Model Number:HD-HY0808

1.Seamless momentary switching, no black screen, no slow over-process, as fast as a movie to change the lens;
2.Integrated all-aluminum brushed panel, blue LCD screen, beautiful and high-grade design;
3.Controlled by Contrex embedded ARM processor, it runs faster and the system is more stable;
4.Supports one-click quick query function to view the switching status of the matrix.
5.The output resolution is adjustable to suit the display screens of many different manufacturers;
6.Support image partial detail enlargement and partial display;
7.Can be spliced to support large screen splicing functions such as ordinary TV, LCD display and DLP;
8.With the built-in volume control function, the volume can be digitally displayed on TV, projection and other display devices;
9.Each output channel can independently adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and gain adjustment and compensation adjustment for color temperature;
10.DVI, VGA, AV, HDMI output boards support independent audio output, audio signals can be output simultaneously on the HDMI digital interface and 3.5 audio analog interface;