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9×9 Seamless HDMI Matrix Switch

//9×9 Seamless HDMI Matrix Switch
9×9 Seamless HDMI Matrix Switch

Project Description

9×9 HDMI Matrix with Seamless Switch

Model Number:HR-S0909

9×9 HDMI matrix which support seamless switch effect and also output a 3×3 multi-view on the 9th output port. Operate from IR remote, network, Telnet RS-232 or front button.


1.Use 9 input signals to 9 display points.

2.High speed switching (Seamless), No delay no blank screen.

3.On output channel 9 available for 3×3 Multi-View display

4.Full HD 1080P video support

5.Audio support on each output (Optical audio output)

6.Control via front button, remote, RS232, IP, internal web server

7.Profile Save&Recall support.

8.Compatible with HDCP.

9.Installed in 1 U rack


Product Seamless 9×9 matrix with multiview function as the preview for all the inputs
HDMI Version HDMI1.3/DVI
Video Input 9xHDMI
Video Output 9xHDMI
Control Button, IR, RS232 or TCP/IP
Power Consumption (max.) 25 Watts
Housing Metal
Dimension (mm) L440 x W256 x H42 mm/ L17.3”xW10”xH1.65”
Weight 3.38Kg/ 7.45(lb)