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AV+HDMI to HDMI Converter

///AV+HDMI to HDMI Converter
AV+HDMI to HDMI Converter

Project Description

AV+HDMI to HDMI Converter

Model Number: HD-M690

Product Description:

AV+HDMI TO HDMI converter can convert 480I(NTSC)/576I(PAL) format signal to 720P/1080P HDMI signal output, also it can connect the high definition HDMI input interface, Easy connect the DVD, set-top box, HD player, Game Console (PS2,PS3,PSP,WII,XBOX360 etc).

Basic function:

1.HDMI output interface: connect with high definition TV or high definition projector

HDMI output format:720P@50/60Hz, 1080P@50/60HZ

Audio output format: Digital coaxial audio, analog stereo audio
2. CVBS input interface: DVD, set top box, PS2, WII, NGC and other players.


3. HDMI input format: 480I/576I/480P/576P/720P@50_60Hz/1080I@50_60Hz/1080P@50_60Hz

Compatible with several DVI format: 800X600、1024X768,1280X1024、1360X768, 1680X1050、1920X1080 etc.
4. 3.5mm audio interface: Connect with analog audio amplifier or headphones input interface

5. Digital coaxial output: Connect with digital audio amplifier.


1.Adopting new generation and low power consumption digital chip processing.

24 hours non-stop run, stability work.

2.Using 3D compensation technology.

To effectively remove the dithering and trailing phenomenon of the fast motion pictures

3.Adopting DCDI processing Technology

a.Patent technology (developed by Faroudja); remove the serrated twill of the ordinary high definition converters in the video.

b.Adopting “bad edit detection” ability to inspect original streaming in the various video streaming movie, and to rebuild a more precise video signal, so as to form in completely vertical resolution without dynamic physical image.

c.Adopting the True Life enhancement technology to identify the detail of the image conversion, such as skin fine lines, spots or hair. The processing of these details makes the pictures look more clearly and lively.

d.Adopting Motion Adaptive processing technology. Reducing pixels also produce no stain. Really restore the image original face

e.By using the dynamic detector technology to selective for static pictures for a brief filter, and the image storage technology to be required to store the chromaticity of storage. Use of this technology in colour crisscross, after the scene: such as tile changes the roof, crossover design clothes, leaves scene, never appear redundant mottled.

4.Adopting Scaler video processing technology

a.upscale the CVBS signals to high definition 1080P/720@50/60Hz output.

b.Downscale the high definition 1080P@50/60Hz HDMI signal to 720P@50/60Hz output by Scaler down technology

c.upscale the standard definition video format(480i, 480p, 720p,1080i)to high definition 1080P@50/60Hz output by Scaler up technology

5.Adopting I2S technology

Through I2S technology, stack the L/R analog audio input signal to HDMI interface,  make the HDMI line transport audio conveniently. Eliminate the analog audio transmission line of interference.

6.Adopting audio and video decoding technology

Decoding the HDMI digital audio into independent SPDIF coaxial audio and Analog audio through digital decoding technology

7.Adopting HDCP treaty processing technology

Input can decode, remove the HDCP agreement after HDCP, send out without HDCP HDMI signals, convenient back-end without HDCP decoding display device to receive.

8.Standard converting and video processing technology

a.Convert PAL, NTSC standard into HDMI@50/60Hz

b.Convert 50Hz HDMI signal into 60Hz HDMI signal

c.Convert 60Hz HDMI signal into 50HZ HDMI signal