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Mini DVI Fiber Extender

///Mini DVI Fiber Extender
Mini DVI Fiber Extender

Project Description

Mini DVI Fiber Extender

Model Number:HD-E04D

The Mini DVI fiber to video/audio is composed of the transmitter and the receiver. The video/audio output from the computer host (HD video signal source, HD DVD/DVR and other devices) are extended to the remote user through optical fiber, and the image and sound of the computer host are broadcasted in real time at the remote end.


1.Maximum support 1920*1200@60Hz and downward compatible

2.Support international standard DVI1.0 HDCP1.4

3.Support DDC CEC HPD signal

4.Support RGB4:4:4 , YUV4:4:4 ,4:2:2 ,4:2:0

5.EDID transparent transmission

6.Multi mode transmission 1km, single mode transmission 2km ,can customize up to 20km

7.Delay < 2 ms

8.Plug and play without debugging

Technical Indexes

Fiber index
Wavelength 1310-1550nm
Rate 10Gbps
Tx power >-5db
Rx sensitivity >-14db
Fiber connector LC
Video index
Video bandwidth 10GHz Gbps
Resolution 1920*1200@60Hz downward compatibility
Pixel clock 297MHZ
Physical connector DVI male(24+1)
Other index
Working temperature -20°C ~75°C
Power supply 5V/+-5%
Power dissipation <1.5W
Dimensions 92*41*17mm
Power supply physical connector micro-USB


Product Type Selection:

1.Mini DVI single fiber

2.Mini DVI dual fiber