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Programmable Central Controller

//Programmable Central Controller
Programmable Central Controller

Project Description

Programmable Central Control Processor

Model Number:HD-P01

The central control processor is an intelligent programmable central control with rich interfaces, simple programming, fast response speed and stable performance. It can fully meet the needs of small and medium-sized intelligent conference rooms,and can control many equipment in the conference room without professional programming person, the operation is simple and convenient.


1.A variety of control terminals, while supporting IPAD, Android tablet computer, windows computer control (notebook,desktop computer, all-in-one computer, etc.), one designer supports all platforms, and the control interface of iPad, Android tablets, and windows computer are exactly the same, which is convenient for users to use. A variety of ways, can be used at the same time, backup each other.

2.Rich interfaces: The host is equipped with 8* serial ports (6* RS232 serial ports, 2* RS485 serial ports), 4* infrared ports, RELAY ports and 4* IO ports.

3.It supports universal network ports, one network port, one network cable, and can use TCP and UDP at the same time. TCP mode, can simultaneously connect more than 100 controlled devices, and can also connect tens of thousands of network controlled devices in time. UDP mode, can send broadcast, also target IP can be specified for one-to-one sending, or hundreds of target IPs (UDP controlled devices) can be supported.

4.The host has a built-in infrared learner, which can save the infrared data to the computer as an infrared library file for subsequent projects or maintain and upgrade.

5.Support computer script language, users can write and download script programs on site, such as to realize checksum calculation.

6.The host has a network port and does not need to configure a receiver (converter).

7.The programming design platform can automatically generate the 3D button (no need to design pictures); it also supports picture buttons, PNG and picture transparent effects, which can realize buttons of any shape and interfaces with various effects.

8.The design platform adopts advanced software technology and supports programming in JavaScript language.

9.Programmers do not need to go to the site in person, but can directly change the content of the program by using the Internet to transmit through the Ethernet network.

10.Control communication: Ethernet (TCP/IP), 10/100M adaptive, TCP SERVER mode, can also be customized to UDP mode, and can also be connected to a radio frequency receiver.

11.Processor: 32-bit ARM processor.

12.Instruction memory: FLASH, large-capacity FLASH memory, can save up to 3000 control instructions, Expansion is supported.

13.The front panel is equipped with LED lights for various control functions to indicate the operating status of the equipment.

14.Housing: Black metal casing.