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RCA to USB Video Capture

///RCA to USB Video Capture
RCA to USB Video Capture

Project Description

USB Video Capture Card,RCA to USB Audio Video Converter

Model Number:HD-U09A


1.AV TO USB Converter:

Capture videos and audios from VHS, VCR, Hi8, DV tapes to a PC, with the help of our USB Video Converter. Save room while digitizing your favorite old memories.

2.Quality Capture Card:

Our USB Video Capture Card converting anolog RCA composite input into HD 720P USB output and capturing audio without any sound card. Advanced signal processing technology provides you with great precision, colors, resolutions, and details.

3.Plug and Play:

Automatically install the driver once you hook up this RCA to USB Converter to a PC. No external power is needed. User-friendly and easy to operate.

4.Wide Compatibility:

The Video Capture Card can work with video devices with RCA connector or S-Video connector, such as VHS, VCR, Hi8, camcorder, compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Support video formats like NTSC, PAL, and support brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation control.


1.PC Hardware Interface: USB2.0

2.Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS 10.15

3.Supported TV Standards: NTSC, PAL

4.Video Input: One RCA composite, One S-Video

5.Audio Input: Stereo audio (RCA ) mm

6.Output Resolution: 720p@25HZ

7.Conversion Type: RCA TO USB, S-Video TO USB


1.USB Video Converter*1

2.USB Extension Cable*1

3.User Manual*1