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AV over IP Network Controller

///AV over IP Network Controller
AV over IP Network Controller

Project Description

SDVoE AV over IP Network Controller

Model Number:HD-E03AC

This Video over IP Controller is used to control and manage SDVoE IP products. It supports dual 1G network ports, which can realize dual-network
isolation of Control network and Multicast video distribution network. The product supports Web GUI/TCP/RS-232/IR/GPIO controls and POE function.Since the demand of IP products is daily increased in the current market,the IP Controller will be widely applied in more and more different scenarios.

1.Easy to create project, control and manage the system
2.HTTPS, SSH security compatible
3.Built-in Web GUI control interface, supporting Drag & Drop operations
4.Support image preview
5.Support video, audio, RS-232, IR, KVM control and management of the distributed system
6.Dual network ports (VIDEO LAN port supports POE function) to isolate Controls and Multicast networks.
7.Support LAN/RS-232 port control and third-party central control
8.Support IR signal receiving and loop output (3.5mm audio jack, 12V level)
9.4 channel GPIO control ports (5V/12V optional level)
10.Multiple circuits protection, lightning protection and ESD design
11.Reliable system design, ensuring 7*24 hours reliable and stable work

Package Contents:
1.1 ⅹ Video over IP Controller
2.1 ⅹ 20kHz-60kHz 12V IR Receiver Cable (1.5 meters)
3.1 ⅹ IR Blaster Cable (1.5 meters)
4.2 ⅹ 3-pin 3.81mm Phoenix Connector (Male)
5.1 ⅹ 6-pin 3.81mm Phoenix Connector (Male)
6.2 ⅹ Mounting Ears
7.4 ⅹ Machine Screws (KM3*6)
8.1 ⅹ 12V/1A Locking Power Adaptor
9.1 ⅹ User Manual