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Telephone Fiber Media Converter

///Telephone Fiber Media Converter
Telephone Fiber Media Converter

Project Description

2CH PCM Telephone Fiber Media Converter 10KM 

Model Number:HD-P10KM

The device uses a special digital multiplexing chip, which integrates almost all digital logic functions in the device, thus significantly improving the performance of the product and reducing the cost. The equipment has excellent performance, stable and reliable operation, low power consumption, high integration, small size and easy installation and maintenance. A single optical fiber can transmit 2 channels of telephone signals and 1 channel of 100m ethernet signal. Our company has the core technology, the use of PCM pulse coding modulation technology, voice quality is clear, stable and reliable, each voice signal has a three-level over current voltage protection unit,widely used in government units, electric power, public security, military, civil aviation, maritime, mining, highway and other college networks or public networks.

1.Provide 2 channels telephone interface
2.Support 1 channel 100m ethernet
3.Use of audio frequency transformer and photoelectric coupler to completely separate the telephone interface and other circuits
4.Voice interface support caller ID and provide polarity reversal signal
5.Each voice signal has three levels of over-current voltage protection
6.Conventional standard single mode transmission 10KM, multi-mode 1KM, the farthest single mode can be customized up to 100KM
7.Single fiber / dual fiber transmission (optional)
8.No compression, no delay, high fidelity speech
9.Plug and play, no debugging
10.Perfect LED status display function, easy to maintain and manage
11.The device distinguishes between transmitter and receiver, and the label distinguishes the relay switch and the telephone