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Mini VGA to AV Converter

///Mini VGA to AV Converter
Mini VGA to AV Converter

Project Description

Mini VGA to AV Converter

Model Number:HD-M625

Product Description:

This VGA to Video scan converter is designed to convert a variety of computer images, from 640×480 up to 1920×1080, to interlaced NTSC or PAL video. It offers a composite output format。It is ideal for use in applications like video conference, home theater, business presentation, lecturing room or viewing PC image on TV.


1.Automatically detects and converts the incoming PC images to NTSC, PAL.

2.Support high resolution PC input up to SXGA(1920×1080@60Hz).

3.Support resolution: 640×480 60 fps;800×600 60 fps , 75 fps;1024×768 60 fps, 75 fps

1280×720 60 fps;1280×768 60 fps, 75 fps;1280×1024 60 fps, 75 fps;

1360×768 60 fps;1400×1050 60 fps;1440×900 60 fps;

1680×1050 60 fps;1600×1200 60 fps;1920×1080 60 fps;


1.Frequency Bandwidth                165MHz

2.Input Ports                                   1 x VGA

3.Output Ports                                1 x AV

4.Power Supply                              USB power

5.ESD Protection Human Body Model:        ± 8kV (air-gap discharge)

± 4kV (contact discharge)

6.Dimensions (mm)                     66(D)x55(W)x20(H)


1.Convertor ————————————————— 1PCS

2.USB Calbe(Standard to MINI)———————– 1PCS

3.Operation Manual —————————————– 1PCS