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Wall Plate Programmable Controller

//Wall Plate Programmable Controller
Wall Plate Programmable Controller

Project Description

10 Button Wall Plate Programmable Controller

Model Number:HD-W01P

This is a 10 button wall plate controller featuring LAN, 2 x RS232, 2 x Relay, 1 x IR, 1 x IO. It can be powered via POE or 24v Plug Pack.


1.2 x two-way serial ports.

2.1 x IR output/one-way serial port.

3.2 x low voltage contact closure relays.

4.1 digital input port to receive sensor signals

5.10 programmable buttons with white or green led illumination configurable.

6.1 x programmable knob (with LED bar graph)

7.LAN capable TCP/UDP/Web Sockets/ HTTP

8.Web server for on-line firmware upgrade and configuration

9.Compliant with standard network communication protocols

10.Password protection against unauthorized accesses

11.Built-in sync clocks

12.Supports factory reset

Package Contents:

1.1 × Programmable Control Panel

2.2 × 3pin-3.81mm Phoenix Connectors (male)

3.2 × 4pin-3.81mm Phoenix Connectors (male)

4.2 × Symbol Films (button icon)

5.10 × Key Caps

6.1 × 24V 1A Multinational Power Supply (2pin-3.81mm Phoenix Connector

7.1 × User Manual