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Wireless HDMI Dongle

Wireless HDMI Dongle

Project Description

Wireless HDMI Dongle

Model Number:HR-D01W

Introduction :

1.To solve the problem of watching videos on the small screen of the mobile phone.

2.To solve the problem of inconvenience of watching the video on one mobile phone with multiple people.


1.Internal operating frequency up to 650 MHZ;

2.Maximum bit rate up to 80 Mbps;

3.HDMI 1920*1080P output;

4.Support left and right channel audio output;

5.Support WiFi(USB2.0)data transmission.

Operating and Connecting:

1. Turn on the TV and plug the WIFI antenna of the MiraScreen into the USB 5V power supply.Please place the wireless dongle in front of the TV for WIFI signal transmission.

2.Connect the MiraScreen directly into HDMI input port on your TV.

3.Use the TV remote control to select the corresponding TV input signal source.

4.Your MiraScreen now start up and will display instructions on your TV screen. Follow the instructions to complete setup.

Settings and Firmware Upgrade:

1.WLAN:used for screen device connected to the router with Wi-Fi.(Note:when the connection between the wireless dongle and your device is disconnected,please reconnect the Wi-Fi)

2.Settings:equipment name,password,resolution,mirror mode;

3.Switch languages:English,simplified Chinese,traditional Chinese character;

4.Update:the OTA upgrade function;

5.Resume: restart the equipment;

6.Reset: the equipment back to the factory default Settings

The Package includes:

1. Wireless dongle  1PCS

2. WIFI antenna   1PCS

3. User Manual   1PCS