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Wireless HDMI Transmitter 30m

///Wireless HDMI Transmitter 30m
Wireless HDMI Transmitter 30m

Project Description

Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver 30m

Model Number:HR-W30C


1.Compatible with HDMI1.3 standard, Max resolution is 1920*1080P@60Hz, downward compatible;

2.Support HDCP1.2 standard – high bandwidth digital content protection technology;

3.Support wireless 802.11A/N, open environment without shelter, Max distance is 30m, the best use effect is recommended within 15m;

4.Supports 5GHz transmission;

5.No driver installation, no setup, plug and play;


1.HDMI Wireless:

This wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver eliminates cable clutter and allows HDMI to HDMI, the perfect companion for digital home theaters, game centers, TV channels and meeting rooms.

2.Wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver:

No more tangled cables. Enjoy seamless video streaming from up to 30 meters away without interference with this wireless transmitter and receiver.

3.5G wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver:

This wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver uses the 5G frequency for fast and reliable transmission and delivers clear and razor-sharp 1080P @ 60Hz videos.

4.Plug & Play:

Easy to use without complicated setup. Simply connect the transmitter and receiver to your HDMI devices and you’re ready to go!

5.Highly compatible:

Works with a variety of HDMI devices, including TVs, projectors, laptops and game consoles. Enjoy the convenience of wireless video streaming on all your devices.

6.Extended transmission distance:

Without obstacles can be transmitted up to 30 m. Even across walls, it can still transfer within 32 feet/10 m, providing unparalleled flexibility.