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Wireless IR Remote Extender Kit

///Wireless IR Remote Extender Kit
Wireless IR Remote Extender Kit

Project Description

Wireless IR Remote Extender Kit For Cable Box TV Satellite Receiver

Model Number:HR-W01R

This wireless remote control sender kit provides users with an ideal solution for home AV setups that have audio video equipment etc. located behind closed doors, cabinet, closet or in another room, you have the freedom to move throughout your home and control those audio video sources.

This remote control extender is comprised of two units – one local IR extender, which accepts the incoming IR signal from the remote control and wirelessly transmits it to the 2nd IR extender unit(receiver) positioned near the electronic device to be controlled at distance.

This remote control range extender kit gives users the ability to control A/V devices for out-of-sight setup such as from cabinet or another room, adding flexibility or streamline your home audio video applications, without having to stay within range to control the equipment.

1.Extends IR remote control signal and stays in control of consumer electronics device that is out of sight or from greater distance.
2.Allows you to place your audio and video equipment anywhere you want as long as it is within the transmission range.
3.Converting the IR remote controller signal into solid RF signal that can pass through walls, doors, ceilings and corners for longer distance.
4.Maximum transmission distance can be up to 100 meters or 300ft under unobstructed circumstance.
5.High-gain antenna with retractable and extendable up to 8 inch tall for great reception and longer range.
6.IR senor wire dongle can be easily extended using 2.5mm audio cable.
7.Works with most DVD players, home theater systems, satellite receivers, cable boxes, stereo receivers, audio video receivers and any other infrared remote control operated devices.
8.Mini size with sleek design, well fitted with modern home theater design.
9.Energy saving with very low power consumption.

1.Power Supply: 110V-240V AC input with DC 12V 150mA output
2.Transmission Frequency:  433.92 MHz
3.IR Transmission/Reception Angle: +/- 15° horizontally/vertically
4.IR Carrier Frequency: 30 to 60 Khz
5.Max IR Remote Range: 20 feet or 6 meters
6.Cable Lengths For Extender Wire: 3ft, 5ft and 6.5ft.
7.Max Transmission Distance: 300ft or 100 meters in clear line of sight setup
8.Max Power Consumption: 1.8 Watts for each transmitter/receiver unit.
9.Dimension: 4″(L) x 4″(W) x 2.5″(H)
10.Dimension: 4″(L) x 4″(W) x 2.5″(H)

1.Wireless IR Remote Extender x1pc
2.Power adapter x2pcs
3.IR sensor dongle x1pc
4.Use manual x1pc