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XLR Balance Audio Fiber Extender

///XLR Balance Audio Fiber Extender
XLR Balance Audio Fiber Extender

Project Description

2CH XLR Balance Audio Fiber Extender 10KM

Model Number:HD-B10A

1.Supports 1 to 32 channels of balanced audio forward/bidirectional transmission
2.Broadcast standard analog balanced audio
3.Using FPGA, digital coding/decoding and clock recovery technology, high integration and high stability
4.Audio interface is XLR carnon head balance interface, high dynamic range of 100dB
5.Automatic high-pass filtering, isolation of DC offset
6.Intelligent noise control system; for soft rising or falling slant waves and analog noise with 100dB SNR in blast-free operation
7.Audio interface is in level 3 lightning protection, up to iec61000-4-5 (8/20μs) differential mode :6KV
8.Single and multi-mode compatible, multi-mode transmission distance is 1KM, single-mode transmission distance 10KM, supporting
customized transmission distance of up to 100KM
9.LED status indicator to monitor the running status of the device
10Plug and play, no setup required
11.Devices are used in pair. note that devices are distinguished between transmitter and receiver